Glastonbury Festival Traders

Terms & Conditions


Payment must be made between Friday 1st April 2022 and Thursday 7th April 2022. Please pay by Bank Transfer to reach our account no later than 17:00 on 7th April. Payment must be made in full; part-payments will not be accepted.

If payment is not received by stipulated dates the Offer to Trade may be withdrawn and the pitch reallocated.

No rebates will be given to traders as a result of bad weather, cancellation on the grounds of war or terrorism, cancellation at the request of the police or government, a change of performance programme or necessary re-siting of stalls. The festival will not accept responsibility for the level of trading during the event.

The Festival does not accept any liability for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from acts of terrorism as defined in the UK Terrorism Act 2000.


The Licence to trade for 2022 is from 09:00 Wednesday 22nd June until 17:00 Monday 27th June 2022. Traders must be onsite by 22:00 Monday 20th June and be ready to trade by 09:00 Wednesday 22nd June. No trader will be permitted to leave site before 18:00 on Monday 27th June.

Further information will be provided in the Trader Information Pack which is available on your dashboard. These Terms & Conditions and our Trader Information Pack provide the rules by which you must abide. You may not be invited back if rules are broken.

Traders must only sell approved goods at prices specified in their application and agreed with the Main Markets Office as per the Offer Document. Sub-contracting or sub-letting a stall or any part of a stall is strictly forbidden. We expect the Trader applying, to be the Trader running and managing the stall on site.

Concessions have been agreed separately for sales of alcohol & cigarettes (including E Cigarettes & refills). These items must not be brought to site.

Minimum trading hours are 10:00 – 22:00 Wednesday to Sunday. Traders are welcome to trade on Monday.

The Festival reserves the right to reallocate or re-site stalls upon arrival at site.

Glastonbury Festival’, ‘Glastonbury’ ’Glasto’ and the Festival’s official logo are all registered trademarks owned by Glastonbury Festival Events Limited and can only be used if express permission has been given. This extends to the use of the name and logo on social media, websites and in any form of communication whether printed or within the content of an email. All rights reserved.

The sale of counterfeit merchandise is prohibited.

The 2015 Names and Trading Disclosures regulation requires all traders to clearly display their business name and registered address (minimum size A4).

Traders must display their STALL NAME as part of the banner/frontage.

Under the Code of Practice on Powers of Entry, for the purposes of Devon & Somerset Trading Standards, traders are on notice that a visit may take place over the Festival period.

For the purpose of assessing future applications we will photograph each stall during the Festival.

Traders MUST complete the Traders Checklist and return this to their Market Manager before trading can commence.

Traders must display their Food for a Fiver Sticker on their menu board alongside their agreed meal option if participating in the scheme.


Traders are responsible for ensuring their staff have the relevant and approved passes. Anyone found without the correct accreditation will be evicted from site.

Traders must ensure pictures of tickets, vehicle vouchers/passes and wristbands are not publicised on social media; to include but not exclusively sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat.

Traders will need to provide the names and email addresses of their crew before 14th May 2022. An online system is in place to do this. Traders will be asked to confirm that appropriate Identification and Right to Work checks have been completed.

Only those with tickets issued by the Markets Office will be allowed access to site to build stalls. Public ticket holders cannot access site until Wednesday.

Vehicle passes are non-transferrable. Any vehicles found to be on-site without the correct passes will be removed.

Traders must co-operate fully with Festival Security in any search of vehicles or stalls if required.

Only diesel vehicles are allowed to remain on-site with the correct accreditation. Petrol vehicles must be parked in the car park for the duration of the event.

Vehicle movement MUST be kept to a minimum including those with mobile vehicle passes. The onsite speed limit must be observed at all times.

All vehicles brought on-site are at the risk of the trader. These must be suitably insured. The festival cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur.

No motorbikes, quad bikes or buggies are allowed on-site.

No animals are allowed on-site. Any animal found will be removed and the trader will cover the cost.

Glastonbury Festival does not accept responsibility for any claims from delivery drivers/firms. ALL deliveries MUST be prearranged with the Main Markets Office in advance of the Festival.

The use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited for any person working or driving. Random testing of drivers of site vehicles and plant will be carried out. The Road Traffic Act does apply on-site. Offenders will be reported to the police.


Aggreko provides electricity for market traders. NO GENERATORS are allowed on-site.

Successful applicants order power and additional water connections prior to accepting their Offer to Trade. Payment will form part of the overall pitch payment. Please order the correct supply and do not attempt to use more power or water connections than paid for.

HOSEPIPES/PRESSURE WASHERS are not allowed under any circumstance. These appliances are a risk to the Festival as a possible cause of contamination. This ban is to comply with the Festival Water risk assessment as approved by Mendip District Council and guidance received from the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

All food traders (including crew caterers and bars) must have their own water supply (tap or direct connection). You must also order enough extra direct connections for every appliance which requires a direct feed. All connections [standpipe or appliance(s)] MUST be made by the Glastonbury Festival Water Team.

We are governed by the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2016 legislation which is in place for everyone’s protection. Please ensure you have requested the connections you require as additional costs will be payable on site.

Dual connections are not permitted. This means you are NOT permitted to adapt a tap in order to supply multiple appliances or stalls.

Any trader found with an unauthorised connection or a hosepipe connection will be disconnected. A water sample will be sent for testing to the nearest laboratory and trading cannot resume until a clean result is returned. The sample, testing and results procedure will extend over 24 hours.

Any inspection and testing of unauthorised connections will be charged to the stall holder. This will include disconnection, chlorination, reassembly, laboratory test and results. The cost of the sampling, analysis, transport and associated plumbing will be £300.

WASTE WATER must be put in the containers provided (IBC) or into a waste water separator. Disposal of waste water (from business or personal use) directly onto the ground or into ditches is prohibited.

Traders must not bring their own toilets or showers. Chemical toilets must ONLY be emptied into the Long Drops or clearly identified containers (IBCs).

Unauthorised water connections, hosepipes or ground contamination from waste water will affect any future applications to trade.


Approved wholesalers have been granted a concession to supply traders. When on-site, traders & crew caterers MUST buy their produce from these wholesalers. Price lists will be available via the Trader Dashboard from May 14th and a facility for pre-ordering will be in place. Wholesalers are able to make on-site deliveries every morning. Traders should order in advance to assist with stock levels.

ALL coffee, tea, and drinking chocolate sold on-site MUST be ethically sourced, for example Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance.

Milk is available from the onsite wholesaler. Traders must not bring more than one days supply as this could become a health risk.

Fish, charcoal and wood must be from a certified sustainable source.

All food service disposables MUST be compostable, meaning they must be made of paper, card, wood or leaves – no plastic (even if the plastic says it is biodegradable or recyclable). Cups must be made of paper or card – not plastic or CORNSTARCH (although this is compostable, it is not compatible with our waste management system) – No plastic lids on cups.

Tea/Coffee stirrers and cutlery must be made of wood NOT plastic and drinks straws must be paper. No pizza boxes.

Bottled Gas is provided on-site by the on-site wholesaler. Traders must not bring their own supply and must only store on site a maximum of 2 day’s supply for safety reasons.

Food traders contact details will be forwarded to the wholesale providers prior to the event.


Your stall is subject to inspection by members of Glastonbury Festival’s own safety team as well as by Local Authority and Fire Brigade officers. Traders must comply with general legislation relating to Health & Safety and CDM 2015. This means working safely to build/dismantle the stall and using the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The Festival is a building site particularly during the build and break. You MUST ensure your children are kept under close supervision at all times and wear appropriate PPE.

Written Food Safety Management Procedures are required by law. These must be available for inspection at all times.

Written allergen information on all unpackaged food sold must be available, as required by law. You may display a sign advising consumers that further information is available on request.

The law on Pre-Packed Food for Direct Sales (PPDS) has changed (1 October 2021). These changes impact all caterers including mobile traders, event caterers and crew caterers. The law requires that food packaged in the same place that it is offered or sold to consumers requires labelling. This label must detail a full ingredient list with any allergenic ingredients emphasised in bold type. You must comply with this new legislation, details of which can be found at

Written information must be displayed if any product contains Genetically Modified ingredients.

Fire Risk Assessments are required by law. These must be available for inspection at all times and include information on preventing fire and action to be taken if a fire breaks out. All Traders/Crew Caterers are required to provide their own fire safety equipment including but not exclusively, extinguishers, blankets and signs.

High risk cooking methods such as vacuum packing and sous vide cooking are prohibited. These are not appropriate methods of cooking for a festival site. Ice machines are not permitted on site.

Traders are not permitted to have open fires at the back of the markets. BBQ’s and contained fires may be permitted on agreement with Market Managers.

Traders must be prepared for all weather conditions and specific guidance is provided in the Trader Information Pack. Do NOT bring straw/hay to site. In the event of exceptional weather conditions, Glastonbury Festival may distribute wood chip for use in market areas.

Traders with pre-approved sound systems will be issued with a SOUND CERTIFICATE. Sound allocations for equipment of 200w and less are for background music only. Do not bring equipment with a higher capability than stated on your certificate. Traders must adhere to the sound level conditions. Traders MUST modify sound levels immediately when asked.

Traders must provide proof of Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance. Food traders are required to carry Public Liability cover of £5 million. Non-food traders require cover of £1 million minimum.

All Food Traders, Crew Caterers and Bars must be registered with their own Local Authority.

Traders must adhere to the Smoke Free legislation. All stalls must display at least one A5 ‘NO SMOKING’ sign.

Traders selling Shisha or Tobacco products (if authorised) must comply with current legislation.

Traders & Bars must not sell alcohol or any products containing alcohol without prior permission from the Festival.

Traders (including charities/not for profit organisations) are not permitted to collect cash or personal data on site without prior permission.


Illegal drugs and offensive weapons or potential weapons (including work tools such as a Leatherman) will be confiscated.

Body piercing equipment, counterfeit tickets and wristbands, drones, flares, fireworks (incl. sparklers) & pyrotechnics, glass, generators, lasers, powered vehicles such as motorbikes and quad bikes, professional recording equipment, sky lanterns, smoke bombs, and spray paint .

All substances defined as ‘Psychoactive Substances’ in the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 – previously known as ‘Legal Highs’ including herbal materials, powders, tablets, crystalline substances, gas or liquids and may be packaged and marked as ‘smoking materials’, ‘research chemicals’, ‘room deodorisers’, ‘herbal incense’ and ‘cream chargers’; some may even state the product is not for ‘human consumption’. Alkyl Nitrates (otherwise known as Poppers).

Nitrous oxide, corrosive substances and any Sound System must have written approval obtained in advance of the festival.

All animals except registered guide dogs, police horses and police dogs.

Mobile phone charging on site is provided by EE, traders are not permitted to provide this service.


Breaches of any of the above Terms & Conditions or general legislation including, but not exclusively, Environmental Health, Food Safety and Health & Safety can result in eviction. If a trader is closed down and/or evicted they shall not be entitled to any rebate and may not be invited back.